‘PINATA’ at MACO- Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca,  with Tatiana Heuman ( Argentina) from the band Ricarda Cometa. Experiments with voice, found objects, inviting the audience to sing and beat the sculpture. We created an evening of improvised song and soundscape.

Rooftop Mural in Mexico city by A RAVEN CALLED CROW , At MUJAM-Museo del Juguete Antiguo Mexicano – STREET ART MUJAM.  mujammural

Experimental performance with voice, Loop pedal, shadow puppetry and movement with Visturi Interactive ( Argentina)- El Huacal, Oaxaca City, Mexico ( 2016)charlieelhuacal

WHAT THE HAND HEARD- @Merge, Vancouver BC – A collaboration with shadow puppetry  and experimental musicians Crowman.

raven-photo-3d-exaggeratedSHADOW SAIL THEATRE- An interactive shadow installation at Light Catcher Gallery, Bellingham, WA ( 2015)  A collaboration between Heather Dawn Sparks, A Raven Called Crow, Eric Parthnum, Lookout Arts Quarry. Entertaining over 700 people during an Art Walk event in Bellingham. Shadow sculpture created by Heather Dawn Sparks. Puppetry  co-created and Co-facilitated by A Raven Called Crow.  featuring live improvised soundtrack by Islando Sparks, Bemya, and Karl Kummerlain.

GIANT WHITE BIRD puppet creation, manipulation and design by A Raven Called Crow, with assistance from Willow Dekker ( Winipeg), Bennie Allain ( Halifax), and Haidi Nagetegal. Performed at Parade of Lost Souls, 2014, Vancouver BC.  parade-of-lost-souls-24

24 HOUR TRASH PUPPET MUSICAL @  Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria BC -2011 collaborative shadow Jam with Mind of a Snail Puppet co

Watch a video of it here!                     aubrey-hands

HOOAMEYE- A feature length shadow production by A Raven Called Crow, Featuring music by Svetka ( Julie Gennai) and Geoff Cross, and sound effects by Brendan Murray Nellis ( formerly Bread and Puppet theatre) Performed at Merlins Sun Theatre, and Camas Books Grand Opening, 2012

In which a Tiny Egg boy is born to a disfunctional family and he escapes out the chimney while his parents are fighting. He travels treaturous terrain and then soars into the atmosphere as high and far away as he can go until he bumps into the celing of the world. He then falls into the mouth of a sleeping drunkard and is digested. There, in his gizzards  he meets an Ex-pat australian Snake worm who takes pity on him and decides to take him to her parents cabin and tell him stories. The stories soothe him and he begins to crack open, giving birth to a feather ….

‘TUCKED IN’ – An interactive storytelling experience in which audience members were invited into the intimate space of my bedroom. I then invited them to be personally tucked in to my bed. I then proceeded to perform a unique shadow puppetry show on the celing, using ink projected from a mirror. The show also involved Skeleton puppet who magically appears from a closet. Performed in Victoria BC, 2012

POOKIE POOKIE THE STRANGE AND THE IMMACULATE ASTRAL CHILD     for ARTSWELLS 2012 – A roaming clown show  featuring Maya Herzog as the immaculate Astral Child, and Ruairi Gallagher ( Australia)  as Keeper. These  3 uncoventional circus freaks engaged the audience in nonsensical fortune telling, skipping in flippers, polka dancing , petty theft and other shenanigans!

CANTADORA. (2011) Written by A Raven Called Crow, with collaborations from Emma Zabloski, Marina Lagace, Carol Adamson and Kimara Brilling. Performed for Intrepid Theatre’s 2011 YOU SHOW to standing ovation.

Cantadora is a womanchild who lives in  an imaginitive realm inside the confines of her own mind. She is entertained and enchanted there by two cheeky and untrustworthy crows, and ‘whiteface’ a sad, solemn and lonesome ghost. When the outside world begins to bombard her inner sanctuary, she is faced with a choice, to hide and become small, or to face the tremors that haunt her. A coyote face in a suit sings the songs of her travails and performs the sound effects of her fears.  Performed ‘in a round’, including interactivity with the audience in the form of intimate storytelling.  Cantadora was created by A Raven Called Crow as a means of exploring trauma through a new lens.

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